Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Busy

Well, it's late night on Tuesday and I think I'm ready for tomorrow morning. Today was busy, and of course got no time to do any coding. I was on the phone with Manuel in San Jose for a while - he seems like a nice guy. He's got some good experience, but I need to show him one-on-one the main bulk of the scripts and shit that we use to run our site. Plus I think I know enough about the old [XYZ] company site (gotta keep the co's anonymous!) that I can help him get ramped up on that too.

I haven't been down that way in about 2 years - but there's a bunch of places I want to see if I can get an hour off. Manuel is from Boston himself, and hasn't been there before. Maybe we'll catch a few of those spots together. Hope that brew pup is still open, and that Sushi place as well.

Got a haircut on Monday night, and went out at lunch to get some American money. Tickets arrived just after lunch.

Oh hey, get this. I go to Makkesh for a quick Shawarma at lunch, and who's there but Kate! So, I play it cool and say hey how's it going. We really don't do anything related at the company. She's in finance or something, and I'm on the floor below. But she's cute and seems friendly enough, so I chat anytime I get a chance. (She's probably on to me.) I'm pretty lousy about asking women out though. I don't know it seem sleazy some how asking out someone just out of the blue. But also, since she works in the same company, so it might be awkward.

But anyway, the cool part. I say, "what's up?" etc. And we're chatting about weather and caffeteria food and stuff, and how good Mohammed's Chicken Shawarmas are (no garlic sauce for her she says). But then she says, she's travelling tomorrow. And I go (casually, like I do this all the time) "Yeah, me too. Where you going?" And she says "California" and just then her co-worker, Wendy something, says "You ready" and they leave just as I'm saying - "Hey, so am I".

This is so cool - so she's actually going down that way. What a stroke of luck. Don't know if it's San Jose though. I think she laughed when I said "So am I" - Maybe she thinks I'm joking?

Anwway she could be going a few places down there. We've got some sort of sales office in Los Angeles and some other affiliate in San Diego. So I don't know for sure. Plus she's probably got colleagues down there she'll be hanging with and the last thing a bunch of Finance types will want is to hang with a techy down for web site stuff.

I guess I'd better find my passport and stuff, and it's getting late. I'm all packed, but should get some sleep. Maybe I'll watch some shuttle stuff on my laptop before sleep. I think they dock to the space station this evening some time. Crap they've probably already done it. It's like watching paint dry as they move slowly in, but it's still engaging somehow.

Weird, it's so boring, most of what they do - kind of like my life down here. But somehow it's also hugely entertaining. Maybe that's all I've got to do is move my life into orbit and it will actually be exciting.

I got a text about an hour ago to go to the Snark and I had to answer "0". Crap, they're probably all hoisting a pint there now. I wonder if Mina made it too?


zapcat19 said...

Hey - we've got a place here in Manchester we could call the Snark - I didn't know what that meant but had to look it up. It must be a Canadian word :-)

Keep up the blog. I'll have to go to our pub and see if I can find a Mina. She sounds hot - you should ask her out! You only live once

JackoBN said...

what the hell is a sherwarma?

JeanLouis3 said...

Shawarma is a lebanese sandwich - like some meat (chicken or beef) rolled up in a pita with some veggies, and garlic sauce. Really yummy. We have lots of places that serve them here in Marseilles, France too as it is not too far from Lebanon