Sunday, July 12, 2009

Days Wrapping Up

Well, that's about it for the day - got about half an hour before official quitting time. I don't know what I'm doing tonight - I guess I'm headed out by myself as Manuel is busy and nobody else offered. Haven't seen Kate, so I can't weasle in there.

I nipped out for half an hour just around lunch time to go across the road. There's a big-box computer store there and I picked up some stuff that I figured would be cheaper down here. I got a TieWire XM2400 3G wireless card for my PC for only $150! This is supposed to give me something like a Meg or so datarate, but I'm skeptical. Can't wait to try it out at home, should be cool.

Hey - I was just surfing a bit and there's some hilarious speculation already about the weird white line seen in the NASA shuttle picture just after connecting to the Space Station. One guy on Usenet says that the thing was there still on subsequent orbit. Apparently that's huge news according to him, since that means it's not just crap floating around, but something far out in space. But someone else says if it's just junk in orbit, it could be a strip of metal about a mile or two away and catching the sunlight.

Strangely, the NASA website has taken down the image - but of course lots of keeners already have a copy, so I don't know why they'd do that. Or why they'd care.

Some other guy on Usenet says it's a spaceship and we're all going to die as they take over the world. That's a good one - I think he's not seriously that whacko, just making a joke. Next orbit they should get another look at it, and some article on CNN mentioned the flight is going fine, and in a last paragraph of the article, they mention the little thing and that if it's space junk it's far enough away from the shuttle that it shouldn't impact them. Plus, if they can see it stationary, it's not moving very fast and wouldn't hurt them if they bumped it.

I guess its the fast moving stuff that hits you at a thousand kilometres and hour that you have to worry about, and you never see that.

Hey, I think I see Kate in the distance, better hang around obviously, maybe I'll get a pity invite to join them for supper.


Lenny said...

I saw that picture too of that white line in the distance and wondered what it was. I'm thinking just space junk you know. Like you're always seeing them lose stuff when they are space walking and whatever.

You should post some pictures of Kate and Mina and we'll help you decide!

MikeRules9 said...

No way, dude that is some serious spaceship. We're going to be invaded! LOL!