Monday, July 13, 2009

Wow! History is Being Made Right Now

I found a TV in the conference room here, and it's now full, the conference room I mean.

The media is on a serious feeding frenzy, and for once it's even justified. I even saw this news channel hasseling their own station owners asking "Who asked you to stop us from broadcasting" and the guy's being ominous and saying - "There's no interview Jenna, put the camera away," and can you beleive she keeps pushing him. What a trooper. Glad to seem some real journalistic integrity. How are they getting this on the air? Is there a revolt in the station or something. The news reader is saying - "We may all be fired, but as journalists we need to be on top of this, perhaps one of the most important stories in human history."

Can you beleive that? I guess they don't want to be left out of this crazy stuff.

So it's all blowing wide open. NASA had their news conference and admitted they were wrong to suppress the story and they claim they are coming clean now. They ARE out of contact with all the personnel in orbit, and they can also report that radar has an unidentified object confirmed at about the orbit of the moon. Hubble is offline as well apparently, and they're hoping that terrestrial telescopes can get a view if the thing either catches the sunlight during the day, or remains in place after dark. They say so far it has been avoiding the night side.

Radar has also confirmed that the shuttle and space station are still there - I'm not sure why they would say that!? Where's it going to go - perhaps they mean it hasn't re-entered or anything catastrophic. But they claim something isn't jamming the signals, but rather has just shut them off.

So the obvious question is what is it. And NASA shared a bunch of pictures - one of which was the one on the net. So it WAS authentically from someone inside. This is amazing stuff. The thing is white and looks long, but you can't really judge. Though if it's at about the orbit of the moon the thing must be like several kilometres long! It's got lumps on it like it's a stalk of brussels sprouts painted white or something.

The guy was trying so hard to avoid using the word Alien but can there really be any doubt!?

This is so amazing. The whole office is a buzz. I'm mostly amazed that the internet is still functional. Sure it's slow-ish, but overall it's still working. The cell phone networks are pretty busy, and the phone is too. The news channels are showing big crowds gathering all over the place, and for some reason there's actually a run on grocery stores. You'd think this was a hurricane or something.

Man - I can't beleive this is happening. I'm going to grab a coffee and head back to the TV. Are people really suppsed to keep working when aliens show up and make first contact? I'd better check my employment contract. There must be a clause in there somewhere.

Oh crap - am I going to get stuck here? I hope the planes are still flying. And what about my travel insurance on my credit card? It covers delayed flights, but what about delays due to aliens??

Sure hope they're friendly. There was a woman crying here - some people are actually pretty scared. I'm just excited. I don't know what's going to happen - maybe it will turn out to be a hoax or something but I don't know how it could be.


MikeRules9 said...

This is so amazing, everywhere people are speculating what's going to happen. This has got to be first contact don't you think!?

I wonder if we should be scared or what?

AustinRacerTX said...

The way I see it they are either friendly or they would have whacked us already. I mean they must have amazing technology and shit. So I think they must be friendly.

Dave B said...

But if they are hostile, maybe they are just checking us out and deciding where to hit?

I mean you'd think they would have sent a ship down to the whitehouse by now or something.

JeanLouis3 said...

Typical Yank - why would they send it to the whitehouse - they don't rule the world. If anywhere they should contact the UN or something.

But I guess that's in NY anyway.

Why don't they contact us? Haven't they been watching "I love lucy" episodes for years by now?

Dave B said...

Yeah - I know, but I was thinking like the movies, they always land on the Whitehouse lawn.

Actually they're probably here to tell George Bush to smarten up or they'll zap his ass. Maybe they are here to save the world.

Hey, maybe they'll steal W's brain, and then they'll really be sunk.